Electricity providers in the field of interpretation of cross-border cooperation Baidu Wanda can bri

August 29th, Wanda Group, Baidu, Tencent strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Shenzhen, announced jointly funded Wanda e-commerce company incorporated in Hongkong, it is reported that Wanda electricity supplier plans an investment of 5 billion yuan, Wanda Group holds a 70% stake in Baidu, the Tencent holding 15% of the shares. This is the last few years the country’s largest strategic cooperation, but also the most influential electricity supplier in the field of cross-border cooperation.

for such a cooperation, the industry has issued a different point of view, some people believe that Wanda electricity supplier can get broad prospects for development, depends on Wanda, Baidu, Tencent cooperation is a tacit understanding. But more people think that Wanda electricity supplier established is a great progress on the China Internet, because it marks the traditional giants to embrace the Internet and electronic business confidence and determination, worthy of encouragement and affirmation; moreover, because Baidu and Tencent is one of the most influential Internet domain of hegemony, it also brings more the possibility for the development of Wanda electricity supplier.

said as the title, this cooperation is a typical electricity supplier in the field of cross-border cooperation? Why? Wanda Group is the real estate enterprises, Chinese largest cultural tourism enterprises, the world’s largest cinema operator global leader, is expected in 2014 to Wanda Plaza, hotel, resort to consumers more than 1 billion 500 million people, to be sure, Wanda has become the largest consumer platform line.

and Baidu and Tencent in the field of Internet has a huge number of users and huge influence, especially Baidu, Wanda electricity supplier will bring a comprehensive support. Why do you say that?

first, as the world’s largest Chinese search engine, Baidu has the world’s leading technology strength and the most extensive big data platform, Chinese is the largest Internet demand entrance, applications and services is also the largest distribution platform, in response to search requests per day more than 6 billion times, LBS positioning service monthly PV more than 10 billion times a day. So judgment, Baidu Wanda electricity supplier can bring a huge amount of users and traffic, which is the first value of Baidu Wanda electricity supplier.

secondly, in the field of mobile Internet, Baidu also has a very solid product reserves and technical reserves. For example, Baidu mobile search and Baidu map is the two big Mac products, Baidu mobile search will bring Everfount users and traffic for Wanda electricity supplier, Baidu map will help better Wanda electricity supplier to carry out LBS, O2O and other services, in fact, Baidu maps has to offer such as hotel reservations, buy movie tickets and so on service life, it is said that the service life of the trading volume compared with the previous quarter, growth of more than 80%. Coupled with Baidu Nuomi, frankly, Baidu has now become the largest local life service entrance. The release of Baidu wallet, O2O will also form a closed loop in the field of O2O, in this context, Baidu and Wanda electricity supplier better business integration, and provide comprehensive support for Wanda electricity supplier.

three, Baidu’s big data engine, artificial >