Ali rural version of Taobao struck 600 million farmers Wallet


] November 14th news billion state power network, the day before, noting billion state power network, for the rural market, launched a two page "rural Taobao (".


billion state power network into the rural Taobao after the discovery, the first page first screen image on the left shows the entrance of coke business category, but also set up the corresponding two categories; a popular recommendation and a single product selling list two columns of the first focal.

The two column below the

page in the commodity is displayed through the floor, a total of 10 categories in accordance with the division of the floor. In order to meet the demand of rural users, Taobao will "rural agricultural implements" setting for the first layer, the category contains fertilizers, pesticides, plastic film, net, seeds, farmland machine, sowing machine, spraying machine and other tools.

The floor below

category settings and most e-commerce sites are basically the same, are women / men and women / men’s shoes, home stores, baby / toys category. Commodity eighth floors of concern for car / motorcycle category, take full account of the travel demand and traffic situation of rural users.

click on the more than one billion state power network products of the web page found that most of the goods from the Tmall store, there are also some of the goods from Taobao.

an industry source pointed out that, although the rural Taobao is now only on the PC side, but the project is to focus on the future and wireless terminal open, grasp the new rural wireless traffic space. In the 11 day Ma also mentioned in his speech, the purpose of the wireless Alibaba group is the hope that Chinese rural farmers have the opportunity to enjoy the life of the town.

is reported that rural Taobao will not only be in the wireless side layout, and began to try to sink into the rural market through O2O way. At the end of October this year, the Alibaba of Taobao project the first village service station opened in Tonglu, marking the rural village service station will use Taobao. At present, the village level service stations to provide online buying, online generation of selling, online payment, entrepreneurship, local life five services.

double 11 day, Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi also showed the importance of the rural market. 600 million of rural users can rebuild a Taobao, a ali. Ali’s rural strategy is mainly through the network of agricultural and sideline products sold to the city, while the city’s products sold through the network to the countryside."