Gome enabled igome.com deletion Shuangpin ace domain

renamed China (eName.cn) July 29th hearing, according to the domain name Forum (dnbbs.com) users broke the news, Gome Holdings Limited, use the creative igome.com build Gome’s official website domain name. The official website of the original website for the sake of the reason for the suspension of the service, has now returned to normal, and now with the I domain name with the same page.

According to Sina micro-blog

@ Gome said, "the United States official domain name has been updated to igome.com, the official domain name gome.cn will soon be converted to the United States online domain name and domain name gome.com.cn continue to use the original Gome online". For the "Gome" enabled I domain name on the line, some netizens said that the domain name is not in the ocean, with Larry is king; some people think that the domain name and "patriotic beauty" homophonic, creative.

as the country’s old home appliance retail chain Gome, founded in January 1987. Its Gome online mall has been using the domain name gome.com.cn. It has the advantage of the protection of the United States at the time point of the brand, but missed the opportunity to make gome.com/.net, guomei.com/.cn/.net and other celebrities fall. As early as 2001, "United States" domain name guomei.com in the online public outcry 20 thousand yuan, but because the United States does not pay enough attention, lead to the "United States" brand name is still wandering shuangpin.

Gome igome.com

2012, the United States renamed China commissioned intermediary platform acquired the domain name gome.cn, the same period also won the igome.com domain name. Gome is considered to protect the domain name strategy change. Earlier, the United States to protect the domain name more than the use of arbitration law, after the acquisition of the domain name gomegroup.com in March 2012, thus embarked on the acquisition of the domain name of the road.

now, with the rapid development of the Internet, the electricity supplier giant emphasis on the domain name also increased. Used the suningshop.com domain name of Suning, the acquisition of Larry domain suning.cn/.com; Jingdong is the acquisition of jingdong.com, 3.cn, jd.com, domain name; vip.com VIP.com enabled, vipshop domain jump website and so on, enough to show a good fit for the domain name, can not only establish a brand image for the enterprise, but also play the role of publicity and promotion.