Taobao modified the merchandise category to strengthen the health food access management

health care products, especially health food is one of the fastest growing commodity at this stage of the online retail market, but according to according to the information provided by the health food online shopping is currently the hardest hit by the food safety.

last month from 23 to health food category of existing commodity information is carried out, the investigation for a month, next to the country did not get the approval number of health food information; to release information of this kind of health food shops, depending on the seriousness of treatment. And today (April 23rd) released the latest announcement!

reads as follows:

"Dear seller:

is pleased to inform you that the new "health food" category on Thursday morning (April 23rd) 8 released on the line, this category is only allowed to publish the State Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of health Web site can be verified, with the approval of health food (Health number)! At the same time all health famous goods must be published in the new "health food" category, please cooperate with the seller, to avoid the misplaced, after May 1st we will be the presence of misplaced goods shelves! For the inconvenience, please understand.

The category of

on-line will be under the category of goods are not regular spot checks and certificate of approval, there are questions about the alleged theft, batch number, batch number, expired revoked still in use of goods will result in serious treatment, depending on the seriousness, until a permanent right to limit closed shop processing. Please join us!

health food approval number of goods, the relevant state laws and regulations expressly, and drug treatment should not be exaggerated propaganda effect, please describe the title page and the baby with the baby in strict accordance with the implementation. At the same time, no access to nutritious food health food approval number, is a new resource food and import purchasing goods, you can publish in "food" under the category of "common nutrition food" category, the category of goods as ordinary food in the title and description of the baby do not exaggerate any page publicity and health

, thank you for your cooperation!

all belong to food and health food category of goods, not misplaced in the other category, after May 1st for commodities still misplaced, we will depend on the severity of the corresponding punishment, please cooperate with


under the original "health care products / food supplement" under the category of goods we will move to the "food" under the category of "common nutrition food category, you can also visit the background before this Friday, baby category editing. The new health food category we need to work together to safeguard and improve, believe in your joint efforts, will continue to grow in this category. Thank you again for your cooperation!


now, Taobao to strengthen access to health food management initiatives to protect the interests of consumers is undoubtedly a good news. Affected by the economic crisis, the growing number of online shopping groups, as well as Amoy