Business discount shopping guide website rolling Saif won $35 million B round of investment

roll skin network is an electricity supplier discount shopping guide website, providing major electricity supplier platform discount shopping guide service, which includes a volume discount, nine mail, etc.. After gaining 50 million yuan A round of financing in July of this year, volume leather mesh completed a new round of Saif only $35 million investment in the B round of financing.

volume leather mesh is mainly aimed at the "grass root" customers, the platform is mainly low value commodity shopping guide, such as Taobao, Tmall provides the sale of goods, volume leather mesh positioning is the "low-cost version of". The price of goods on the site from 10 to a few blocks ranging from a discount of about 1-3 fold in. According to data provided by the volume of skin network team, the total transaction volume of 2014 platforms will be up and down in 2 billion. After the completion of the current round of financing, will focus on efforts to increase product research and development and operational inputs, the product and content to do better.

is worth mentioning is that now the vertical electricity supplier sale to get together, such as maternal sale site lotus sale and Beibei net, outbound visit sale site to "etc.. In the face of constantly broken sale areas, volume leather mesh said they will make corresponding products according to segments of sale in the future, but the specific product in the form of temporary disclose is vertical guide aggregation platform