The annual horse APP America Grapefruit’s Grapefruit baby birth maternal and infant growth is highes

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integrated many third party research institutions or authoritative report, the U.S. Grapefruit’s "Grapefruit baby birth", has become the biggest dark horse mother industry APP.

Analysys days before blockbuster launch of the 2016 annual APP growth list "," Grapefruit baby birth "to 6.6% monthly compound growth rate (conversion of annual growth rate of 115.32%) in the maternal industry first. According to Analysys, the list is TOP1000APP based on the selected Analysys sails, the final 2016 annual growth of TOP500 from the list".



‘s mother gave birth to the U.S. grapefruit grapefruit platform, baby born (formerly known as America grapefruit in January 2016 changed its name to the baby during pregnancy, grapefruit inoculation) different needs with prepare pregnant women, pregnant and parenting in three stages, to provide pregnancy monitoring, treasure mother school, nutrition handbook, pregnant diary and other maternal and child services for women.

iResearch released industry report, is expected to 2017, China maternal market size will reach 3 trillion, at the same time, if the "mother economy" perspective of generalized China maternal market (plus beauty, women’s clothing, such as Home Furnishing) words, the market scale will reach 10 trillion. Rapid growth of the big cake trillion market, shopping for mother and child, maternal and child communities, maternal and child health aides, maternal and child tools and other segments of the industry has brought a huge business prospects.

fact, grapefruit baby bred from online after a road of rapid growth, according to the latest QuestMobile data in November, "Grapefruit baby born with 3 million 242 thousand and 100 of the monthly data in maternal industry second.


industry insiders pointed out that with the rapid growth of pomelo baby born, grapefruit products from the period of pregnancy – Parenting – menstruating women four stages, forming a closed loop, the female service ability and professional degree is further improved, a complete transformation from product level to platform level company.