Brief analysis how to develop customer relationship

now do not know if you have not felt our QQ space and WeChat circle of friends into a supermarket? Almost what has to sell, what ah ah, shoes, clothes, cosmetics and so on, and even some supermarkets have in our space and circle of friends can see, like overseas purchasing the smoke outside, etc..

is this a good thing,


you may be doing micro business, you will feel that this phenomenon is very good, very convenient. But you have not thought about, QQ space, WeChat circle of friends, is a social tool inside information should be related to social life and is close to friends, frankly say, this is to let you bask in your mood, your troubles and so on, he is not for commercial, from beginning to end, Tencent the official did not define commercial, but we were to abruptly into the supermarket…

is a QQ space regardless of WeChat or circle of friends, all belong to the social platform, then you should focus on the development of social rather than advertising products, advertising products before how my articles have been introduced, you can go to my space or view independent blog.

how do we develop social relationships,


1 know your friends, know your customer

The so-called

understanding, not to understand his character, his relatives, friends and so on complicated relationship, here I understand, understand he refers to this kind of person living habits, frankly say, is what identity, what environment. For example, college students, then his environment is certainly the University, right, you understand this obvious feature on the ok.

2 know yourself

know yourself, that is what you can offer to others what? What would you do? What you can provide value? Rather than advertising! You have to believe that others love you because you have the absolute value, rather than you have advertising…

3 know your product

know your product, we need to know what products? For example: Cleansing Cream, oil control, acne and so on, this is the function of the product, so we should enlarge the propaganda function of products, will be transformed into functional advantages, the product as a solution to solve the problem of people acne plan. Always remember that we are providing solutions, not a facial cleanser!

4 know yourself

maybe you will say that I write repeat, in the above wrote "know yourself", and how to write a. But I want to say is, there is no duplication, one refers to our value, here refers to our shortcomings, how to make up the defect! No one is perfect, everyone has problems, of course, I think more or less in the brain! You may feel that I’m not listen, never mind, I am not to let you listen well, I want you to invest brain!