The European Yeyun’s opening up a 30% stake in the introduction of strategic investors 8


] February 10th news billion state power network, the day before, Baosteel announced its steel business platform "European Yeyun business" will be through the introduction of staff and outside investors to increase their investment in core shareholding scheme, increase the size of not more than 1 billion 28 million 568 thousand shares, the total stake of not more than 30%. After the capital increase the total share capital of not more than 3 billion 428 million 568 thousand shares, the total shares of Baosteel and Baosteel International Holdings proportion diluted to not less than 35.7%.

at the same time, Wuhan Steel shares also announced, announced in February 14, 2017 will be delisted, the termination of the stock trading. Wuhan Iron and Steel shares of shareholders will be converted into shares in accordance with the proportion of 1:0.56 Baosteel shares, that is, every 1 shares of equity firms shares in exchange for shares of Baosteel shares of 0.56.



announcement shows that the capital increase matters will be large brand steel mills, introducing downstream business partners such as not more than 8 strategic investors, and establish the core of esop.

billion state power Netcom had many steel electricity business people understand that the European Yeyun taking from the beginning of construction of hope into an open steel B2B platform, but is not only the core enterprise internal information system. Europe and the United States in the system of finance, metallurgical logistics, etc., are working with a number of B2B platform. With the financial Ouzhi as an example, the cooperative enterprises including Bohai iron and steel, on rural, car treasure net, Shanghai nonferrous metals net, steel net transport etc..

September 2016, the European business Yeyun announced a strategic stake in Europe’s Yeyun Papadopoulos, asset management platform the two sides will jointly build professional. The European Yeyun Limited by Share Ltd, Papadopoulos Investment Management (China) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Baodi signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The introduction of strategic investment, the most likely to contain papadopoulos.