Double 11 courier hangover has not been eliminated or need to digest 1 to 2 weeks

daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) the express company will mainly focus on the "double 11" distribution, to avoid the explosion occurred at the same time, it will influence the big promotion after several days of express delivery.

a consumer to reporters reflect, until yesterday, its November 13th purchase of goods is still not in place. The consumer view of logistics tracking information found that the goods ordered in the morning of 14 by the merchant to choose EMS shipments, and from the beginning of the 15 Guangzhou. But the record is always in Guangzhou. 7 days later, the package is always on the way. Although the consumer has repeatedly looking for businesses to communicate, but no results. As of press time reporter, the courier has not yet updated information.

is a well-known courier company official said, "the remnants of double 11" is still in. For courier companies, in addition to the need to deliver double 11 left express, but also a large number of days after digestion to promote the production of a daily package. Previously, most of the Northeast suffered continuous snowstorm, transportation has been affected. Recently, Hunan and other places on the heavy rain seriously affect the speed of delivery. If in peacetime, courier companies can cope with, but after the ‘double 11’, courier companies have not yet been a huge amount of effort to slow. Previously, the courier company start limiting scheme is to avoid warehouse explosion, but lead to a lot of new generation to express delivery, the retention phenomenon."

industry experts predict that courier companies also need 1-2 weeks to digest, in order to return to normal distribution rhythm.