When Bei, 17TV help you take off a single event, the end of love 17 is not alone

just finished the double eleven carnival, the major Internet TV manufacturers are relying on discounts, cash back, buy gifts and other conventional means of promotion news continue to attack cities and capture territories, and quickly seize a large market. 17TV is just the opposite, not only has always been adhering to the "sale principle of tip of goods does not discount, but also intimate netizens worry about marriage, hand in hand when the shellfish market held a" love together, 17TV to help you take off a single send TV "love activities.



17TV specializes in eye-catching position of the Tmall flagship store opened "Hi double eleven, and pay off single event entrance, so single users can upload personal videos and a declaration of love to participate in activities at the same time, the non single users can also through the sharing of activities linked to the ZNDS forum participation grab floor activities, to win the 50 inch 17TV TV, War Within Three Kingdoms edition, the wireless handle Carlo prizes such as


warm-up activities and publicity period is very short, but because of very unique and creative activities, and very gently soothe the pain Wang single, so the activity started then gathered a lot of attention, attracted by the beautiful people not in the minority. They face the bleak life with courage and self-confidence, sincerely to the other half of the happiness: as long as you, you are the world!





with eleven double excited like a raging fire, and waiting to chop hands after pleasure, also waiting when the shellfish (http://s.dangbei.com/) and 17TV (https://17tv.tmall.com/) to the activity results, ZNDS forum activities, micro-blog ZNDS smart TV network forwarding activities, like WeChat and Lenovo 17TV collection activities like the official flagship store single Wang de single! 50 inch 17TV in the end who fall into the hands? Maybe this is our most concern! Let’s take a look at the long list of lucky to have your shadow?






let us congratulate the winners of the award, the prize will soon arrive in your warm embrace. Without winning users do not be discouraged, don’t forget to 17TV Tmall flagship store of monomer activity, and two inch 17TV50 TV waiting for their master Oh! The award will be announced formally in December 1st, want to know the final award flower >