How to choose open shop to make money

nowadays, open shop has become a lot of "migrant workers" dream, has become one of the important way many young people choose entrepreneurship. However, there are still a lot of people who have the idea to open shop in the face of a huge variety of goods difficult to choose, do not know what they want to sell, not sure what to sell products to achieve profitability. The course of the open shop count also has two or three years, here to talk about the experience in the choice of goods shop, in order to play a valuable role.

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statistics show that in 2012 China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 8 trillion and 100 billion yuan, up 29.7% over the previous year, conservative calculation of e-commerce transactions accounted for more than China China electronic total GDP 13%, which showed a rapid rising trend. According to the standard of the pillar industry which accounts for more than 5% of the total GDP, e-commerce has already become the pillar industry of the national economy in our country. At the same time, another group of data show that as of the end of 2012, China’s netizens reached 564 million, Internet penetration rate reached 42.1%, the growth of Internet users support e-commerce "Chinese popular reason" from the side. There are indications that e-commerce is becoming a trend, network shop is becoming a trend.

with the deepening and development of the Internet technology, the use of the Internet "Nuggets" is becoming a person with breadth of vision entrepreneurial hot spot. How to grasp the era gives us opportunities, especially as ordinary people how we get on the Internet through the "ride" is worth pondering. Among them, the network is an important way to open shop.

network shop looks very easy, but the profound thing is that, as a novice to choose what kind of products, to provide consumers with what kind of service is the key. Different choices, the results are not the same. Some products to choose when, earn pours; some mismanagement, they put up the shutters".

so in the massive commodity world, how are we going to find the most easily recognized by consumers, the most easy for consumers to "pay" varieties? In which we must open the eye, with sharp eyes to find the most suitable for their own projects and products.

is the author of many years of observation and their own shop after some experience, we can selectively understand some of their own projects or products:

1 female supplies: printing a popular phrase "women and children are most likely to earn money," this really right, you may find a little attention, you regularly around the female colleagues will receive a variety of express parcels, mostly in the online purchase of East West, a variety of small accessories, trail cosmetics, clothes, shoes, furniture, household appliances to a variety of characteristics. Here I do not encourage the sale of goods for children, children in general is not the Internet to purchase at the same time, parents for children activities particularly hard, on quality, quality, there are no toxic effects and so on very strict requirements, these products generally tend to buy them in the store, of course, brand reputation.