Spell price clear inventory business trap and electricity supplier homogeneous competition

"double 11"

who can win?

"double 11" is coming, how to deal with the line shops? Reporter survey found that the price fight experience and even Internet have become Baotuan marketing features of this "double 11" line shops. However, although the electricity supplier promotions are frequently Tucao, but the reporter observed that the line of retail sales promotion is also caught in the same embarrassment with the online electricity supplier, in addition to fight the price, but also become a brand to inventory channels. Homogenization, this year’s double 11 who can win it?

text / reporter Lin Xiaoli

reflection 1: Marketing homogenization

reporter yesterday from a number of shopping malls that line shops to grab in the promotion of "double 11" before, but discounted considerable efforts, such as Guangzhou one hundred cargo 7 days for most of the game product 52% off, 52% off discount on discount stores, VIP enjoy the integral 3 times. Another department on Friday also launched a 5 day promotion, up to 400 yuan for 1000 vouchers, equivalent to 60 percent off, not less than online shopping discounts.

In order to improve the

experience, major shopping malls also buckle down held a variety of new fashion publishing, brand roadshow, salon lecture.

‘double’ 11 ‘before the physical retailers will have a discount, it is necessary to grab in front of the work, otherwise it will be very passive." Local department store relevant responsible person told reporters. Some consumers also said that when the big promotion, the price is not lower than the online price line.

for consumers, the line shops marketing core is still low. However, for retailers and electricity supplier price, Guangdong circulation chamber of Commerce executive director Huang Wenjie believes that the line generally cheap and convenient for the killer, and the store, all kinds of costs are more than the electricity supplier, price is not a long-term strategy.

reflection 2: discount merchandise homogenization

‘s survey found that yesterday offline shopping malls counters are placed in this winter of new goods. But for this weekend is about to start a big promotion, many brands told reporters that the goods do not participate in discount.

in a popular women’s brand counters, sales staff told reporters that at present in the sale of goods are all new this year, autumn and winter, the original price sales, members can play 5% off. The reporter in the online search, online brand flagship store, the reporter did not see the same product, the shop is more of the special contributions or previous styles, and these goods will participate in the "double 11 big promotion.

, however, counter sales staff told reporters that the mall during the promotion, to participate in the sale of goods last year, some 5 to 30 percent off this year, the new is not involved in the discount.

can be expected that, during the big promotion, the next line of shopping malls and electricity providers discount goods will face homogenization competition.

senior retail industry have pointed out that retailers and brands to work together, brands also want to squeeze out the price bubble. < >