Pat Network Closed the legacy of no solution outstanding by the who carry

April 1st, the country has been positioned in the second largest electricity supplier after Taobao – pat Network officially closed. However, death is not the end – now, pat on the Internet a number of businesses, is a series of historical issues and headaches.

public information, 2014, reached a strategic cooperation of e-commerce Tencent and Jingdong, the pat Network incorporated subsidiary of Jingdong; in November 10, 2015, Jingdong announced that pat Network will no longer accept new sellers settled in the application, and in April 1, 2016 will be completely shut down pat, pat Network will be incorporated into the original team of other departments of the Jingdong group.

since April, more than 21 businesses in the poly pat Network complaints, QQ group, etc. Post Bar forum posting complaints, said Pat off his train in the balance or credit deposit is not returned; though many times and pat Network contact, the other has repeatedly delayed, still did not have the following.

"who can manage?" a merchant in an interview with "helpless, websites can be understood, but subsequent so many problems can not be nobody?"

legal sources said, pat Network not return train balance and good faith deposit behavior should be regarded as a breach of contract, but it is difficult to identify fraud; and, no matter how the ownership structure of Jingdong and the pat network settings, the Jingdong shall have the obligation to properly solve the problems left over after the closure of the pat network.

through the car’s "money" does not get out of

reporter learned that the train is patted pat net for the seller to customize a marketing tool, similar to the Taobao train, the seller in the regional advertising pat Network within the specified, use the tool for keyword bidding, pay per click, commodity precision promotion, the requirements for each account recharge more than 100 yuan.

straight through the balance of a total of only 25 pieces of 1 wool, from the application for refund to now nearly 5 months have not returned to me, during which I call the customer service phone calls are more than this." Bring their own pat Network shop, Lee (a pseudonym) very depressed.

Li Yi in December last year, pat Network proposed to return the balance of the application of the train, but she submitted a variety of information in accordance with the requirements, but has not received a refund.

"In the beginning,

received a reply, said the refund request has been accepted, will refund in 60 working days, the results did not retreat; then call the customer service phone, found that artificial customer service has stopped, can only send e-mail reminders, email and reply said April 15th refund; can now in May, have not seen a shadow." In desperation, Lee can only be their own experience and apply for a refund and other materials sent to poly complaints platform.

"although the money is small, but it is mine; Jingdong with such attitude towards the merchant, is not too much?" Li Yi some angry.

and Lee have the same experience, as well as a number of businesses, their train account balance of money ranging from 100 yuan to more than $400