When choosing a domain name which should be noted

simple to, a site is composed of domain name, space, content. The domain name is like the road to success, like the name of a brand. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate domain name for the future development of the site, the establishment of the brand plays a vital role.

what should we pay attention to when choosing a domain name?

first, the domain name must match the name of the site. How your web site called webmaster nets, you can find some webmaster more familiar with Pinyin and English letters as domain names. Many webmaster nets using the ZZ combination, on behalf of the webmaster. Figure Wang’s webmaster network is used by some of the more familiar admin alphabet as a domain name characters. This makes it easy for users to remember. Of course, we also see some of the more avant-garde domain name used by many sites, some PI, some N numbers, some super long pinyin. These domain name website we can only be regarded as a temporary entertainment, not as a long-term development of the brand. For example, I now in Nantong before the marriage, is a English meters, although still relatively short, but the feeling is not conducive to the input, so I use pinyin meters, www.nthunjia.com is the direct Pinyin input, Nantong marriage is simple, with the public’s memory.

secondly, the domain name should pay attention to brand protection. We see a lot of websites, COM meters have been registered by others, their use of CN or NET and other domain names. To such a great adverse effect on their own brands, and sometimes they may also be the input error, not to mention others? Therefore, we select the domain name, if you want to do a long time, or in the future to establish a brand and so on, you need to select a relatively close to COM meters, if someone is willing to sell, can buy back, if not willing to sell, I suggest you go the other way to other COM meters. For example, before this I Nantong marriage nets is used in ntmarry.net, was also on a whim, registered, COM m is another person to do, and I also considered the future competitors, I intend to buy his meter, but he did not sell, I have no way, although the website built soon, but more and more feel is doing the wedding dress, give him so I decided to change the domain name. It can be said that the nthunjia.com is now much better than the previous NET meters.

finally, simple. Domain name should be simple and easy to remember. I do not like the 0 or O combination, it is difficult to distinguish between, and sometimes l, also difficult to distinguish between the 1, so we try to avoid.

domain name is bad is the key to the future development of your site, therefore, choose a good domain name, we must take a good idea.

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