Millet headset dual eleven new release did not see its first heard the sound

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discussion, and to the domestic electronic products "and" season, circle of friends have all been millet scraper. In the end what makes millet in just a few years has tens of millions of loyal customers, the new release of millet will bring what kind of surprise?

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since November 2015, millet in the dual eleven released millet circle of iron headphones, circle of iron headphones from the warm-up to the market just a few months on the lap of the sales network of iron headphones. Throughout the same period of the same type of product sales, only Jingdong mall, Tmall mall two e-commerce platform, millet circle of iron headphones on the continued success of selling products champion. Millet ring iron headphones in the end what is unusual, much of the favor of consumers



millet ring with the configuration of the headphones to win the reputation of

on the market only a headset sound unit, depending on the moving coil or a moving iron "sound, only relying on a unit of the natural pitch slightly disadvantage. Millet to meet the enjoyment of rice music, especially the two delicate combination. The use of dynamic iron + drive rod design, to solve the problem of many years of headphone solder off, sound stability and low distortion. The design of capacitive divider, the natural convergence of the high school bass, the wonderful combination of technology, making the experience of millet patent sandwich membrane structure feel strong.


new network on Millet headset 58dB iron ring (A) in the high noise ratio and is equipped with 3 different size grade silicone nipple side ear set to give high praise. This user-friendly design, fundamentally ease the discomfort of headphone users. To a certain extent, protect the user’s hearing health. If the above is millet hardware strength, that as a headset, it feels good or bad, professionals is the hard truth.


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Grammy master created for

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millet headset patent products and accessories, the headset in the pitch also pains. The special invitation for four consecutive years, Grammy award Luca, millet circle iron headset Miuccia tonic, through software simulation, budget Klippel diaphragm motion of the high-speed optical scanner, artificial simulation recording professional filters to measure, the millet ring iron headset diaphragm structure, dynamic final confirmation and molding.


millet dual eleven new release did not see its first heard its sound

millet ring iron headphones as last year’s eleven double fire electronic products heat has not yet dispersed. This year eleven, Yuezhanyueyong millet headset team and people will bring what kind of surprise?

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