The nternet is wearing the wedding dress on the Pizhou stock turnover amounted to 200 million

20, Pizhou Tiefu Song village of ginkgo seedling base, dealer Zhao Hesan watching a large truck loaded with ginkgo seedlings from Pizhou have been sent to the country, heart is happy and worry.

Zhao Hesan said happily, ginkgo seedlings prices soared this year compared to the same period last year, prices have doubled. That is, their hands the number of plants can not meet the needs of customers, not only reluctantly pushed off a lot of home business.

Pizhou ginkgo cultivation has a long history, so far has nearly 2000 years of history. At present, Pizhou has about 200000 acres of Ginkgo Park, planting ginkgo total more than 1000 strains.

Pizhou ginkgo seedlings nationwide, largely thanks to the construction of ginkgo seedlings professional website. In order to better distribution of ginkgo seedlings seedlings, some dealers actively invite experts to guide the establishment of professional website, out of a use of the Internet to achieve online booking, brand name, field seedling selection, sales of new models. At present, the city has a total of nearly one hundred professional types of seedlings. Dealers through online advertising, open up sales channels, to attract more businessmen to buy Pei established Pizhou ginkgo ginkgo seedlings, seedling market leading position in the country.

at present, nursery stock market within the larger scale of Ginkgo sales company have set up basic sales website, began to scale up the order in the network, the output of seedlings. Recently, the daily turnover of about twenty thousand ginkgo seedlings around the highest turnover of over $200 million.

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