Tmall Logistics Reshaping fragmented Logistics

about 8000000 a day ticket orders, double eleven day billions of sales in 2012 is expected to one trillion yuan in sales, no one or several logistics which can digest Taobao such a great logistics demand.



network operators in the world by Pan Hongying

spread a map China logistics, with the trunk and branch mess like intertwined, even more brutal to join the expansion of "four up" (i.e., Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, Huitong, rhyme), even distribution and precision of SF, even China post again deep remote villages, can not solve a problem: China logistics 30% to the annual growth rate of 40% 1:30 will keep up with an annual growth rate of 100% of Taobao.

so to say, no one will be more urgent than Taobao’s expectations of China’s logistics.

goods do not move data

in the logistics industry, there is a very important rule is: can not flow without flow. Translated into the vernacular is, should let the logistics resources in the largest range the most effective configuration, rather than as lacking spirit of cooperation set to move to repeat disorderly.

, in fact, is far behind Taobao in the development speed of the case, the logistics China messy difference still exists "excessive liquidity", this contradiction makes originally limited logistics resources because of the low efficiency of resource allocation is further waste, the more one disaster after another.

called the "excessive liquidity", a logistics consulting Zhao Xuefeng explained: C2C has achieved the "China express industry as the representative of one of four", but also caused some degree of Chinese logistics on back. For the traditional B2B logistics is online C2C further scatter, differentiation, lead to provide low level service with low cost is the emergence of a large number of courier companies. Today, the development of online B2C, it really means that China’s logistics industry once again the opportunity to change, this time the change is good.

Tmall logistics would like to move goods through the data to achieve the logistics of the flow can not flow, but also to make the logistics industry to develop a positive attempt.

so-called cargo moving data, that is, through the logistics treasure this connection businesses, warehousing, courier, software, large data hub, to achieve a reasonable allocation of logistics resources.

Imagine that

described in Tmall logistics operations director Yu CE, Tmall 4PL logistics logistics is not only so simple, it is a more efficient way, it is not just the logistics treasure such a platform, can make the whole future closer to Tmall logistics supply chain logistics chain + "solutions, exact that is Tmall want to do logistics rules, standards, procedures and system of the few overlapping and efficient operation.

in this way of thinking, Tmall began to try to sort out China’s logistics map: in the storage side, Tmall logistics in the northeast, North China, East China, Southern China, central and Western