released the Red Net so called 54 will be a big move

T-shirts, summer clothing, in addition to wearing, but also how to play tricks?

this morning, administrative micro-blog issued a "suspense flavor full of micro-blog: as the pound strange funny forced actor, but should have tearproof English; honey to twist hilarious dance, comic life. Even if the days are full of groove points, is still logging tired superhero. Of course, not a young, brain hole Young, can guess who is the star? The micro-blog comment gives the correct answer for a chance to win the star with a T-shirt and Polaroid 1! So you get



( map: Administrative micro-blog screenshot)


(photo: star T-shirt trend series)

just a few minutes, the micro-blog will lead to a crowd of onlookers and speculation:

"male god, Deng Chao, we are logging tired."

missile plus camera, is the director of the meaning. He’s Deng Chao, I’m sure. With good."


According to

reporter obtained from news recently, is planning a wildly beating gongs and drums on "T-shirt" activities, also played a Western name – "54 youth brand plan T:

hire an external team of designers, creative design around the location of the characters, exclusive custom T-shirts;

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other first tier cities in the core business district is carrying out the construction of the booth;

social circle, many of the "big network" that has already received the film and publicity invitation, tell their own ideas and stories behind……

is micro-blog released "Red Net" for order, is a new concept of the exhibition line, all kinds of "toss" not only triggered widespread speculation and external reverie, next in the end what action to


about consumption? About the Internet? Or about youth?

users carefully from the poster also found "trend T-shirt Star Series", boldly concluded that in addition to the star, and perhaps other ordinary people from all walks of life, and Suning employees will participate in activities. The Internet media age, star, Suren, who can become the "big network", "social upstart".

According to

revealed the news at present, this on the "T-shirt" Carnival from April 30th formally in the whole channel open "screen mode": the line, to carry out various forms of landing activities in the country a number of core city online, on-line activities exclusive polymerization page, circle through graphic posters "refresh" effect caused by design.

and all plans are based on this seemingly ordinary T-shirt as a carrier, to see the small