Sword electronic component B2B core dynamic mall 520 national conference will start the big screen

May 19th, three days of Shenzhen (International) integrated circuit technology innovation and Application Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center. As a guest exhibitors, Qianhai’s abundant supply chain designed for small and medium sized enterprises to build the electronic components B2B intelligent trading platform – core dynamic mall will shock debut venue, "core dynamic mall" 520 National Conference of the big screen will also be simultaneously open.


as everyone knows, in recent years China electronics industry sustained rapid growth, driven by the strong development of the electronic industry, many categories of Chinese electronic components production has been ranked first in the world, the status of the electronic components industry in the international market is also important. From the sub field of view, on the one hand, because of the domestic electronic information industry continues to expand the scale, aerospace, military, industrial automation, communications and other high-tech fields of traditional electronic components just need to remain strong; on the other hand, with the continued hot 4G, mobile payment, information security, automotive electronics, networking and so on. The integrated circuit industry into the fast lane, the field of consumer electronics have hitherto unknown peak demand; in general, the motive force of the development of China electronic components market


obviously, the core mall is to meet the above requirements of the rapid development of China’s electronic components industry. During the exhibition, the core mall will move together throughout the country more than 200 electronic manufacturing enterprises gathered together to witness the industry event, how sword electronic components B2B.

it is reported that the core of the mall moved from the strategic adjustment of its flag Fung group. In order to comply with the "Internet plus" the development trend of the times, the company decided to advantage of supply chain business group based online, the depth of mining industry value chain, develop new business online B2B. Subsequently, Qi Feng Group invested heavily to build the core dynamic mall, relying on the rich experience of group cultivating for decades in the electronic components supply chain industry, the core dynamic bidding, auction mall and other flexible transaction model, designed for users to construct a transparent and efficient one-stop electronic components trading platform B2B.

core dynamic on-line mall will be able to achieve the brand information query, online trading, technical support, information sharing and processing Weihuo all-round service, and in the "open, transparent, and win-win" service platform under the guidance of the concept, through its own professional service team and a strong ability to integrate resources, provide accessible, efficient and accurate communication channels for both supply and demand, fast matching transaction, to maximize the interests of both supply and demand! The most important thing is that the core dynamic mall will always commitment to the customers trading and delivery and the original original package, allowing users to feel comfortable, worry and comfort in the procurement process.

broad prospects for the industry, the platform positioning, clear and comprehensive service system and service tenet, make core dynamic hygienes mall really has the climatic and geographical conditions. Obviously, in the heart of the mall on the line, the platform will further expand the business channels to