Chen Yu e-commerce city in the end of the business

do SEO people know that search engines to judge a website is similar to the interpersonal relationship.

if Zhang San is a rich and powerful person, then, Zhang three circles of people, most of them are such people, and if Li Si is poor and no force. Most of his friends are like this.

search engine is also the case, Baidu is very strong. Then it married every site is strong. For example, hao123.

said so much, just want to tell you a truth to make money on the Internet, is if your location is poor to earn money, so you may not earn much money from them, the site is very important. The profit mode of.

yesterday, I said " analysis of city shopping network, the feasibility of " today, I will give you analysis of city shopping can be done in the market. If your website is city shopping. We do not recommend what the business website to pull. Some businesses. No good for you. Do not bring any benefits, I do remember. When the city shopping. On the wedding photography market. Then I analyzed, wedding photography business. Their advertisements are in high-end advertising. For example: do the collective performance in outdoor activities. But, do large wedding photography business profits are more violent in a word, a word: " ". They are rich; this time, we must think of how to make their money. Of course, you can bring benefits to them, they will put a little profit to you, otherwise, you all just a dream .

here I just take wedding photography, for example, some industries, we need to look carefully, will find that there is no passive gold. At this time, you can according to the following steps step by step planning, the development of a unique website.

1, website, website search system in line with their customers’ needs from the Internet, recommended PHP+MYSQL procedures, good scalability, good safety, speed and other advantages, the best communication community for wedding customer business communication, to gather popularity.

2, add data from the network, looking for where you are part of the wedding photography business information or product information, add some information, because of an empty site, there is no businesses willing to visit the.

after more than two steps to complete the site settings, of course, to add contact information is essential, as long as you feel the site on the regular line. At this time, not on the site a little function or art too hard, don’t waste too much time in the program and art, spend more time on the site actions, and business communication or friends when in use, they will tell you where the website needs to be improved, where the need for optimization. These suggestions are the best.

3, optimize the site, in the major web site released soft Wen, looking for high quality links, in order to improve the site weight. Let search engine