Grassroots webmaster how to do e-commerce


with the development of society, electronic commerce more closer to us ordinary people and students! E-commerce people gradually realize the dream opportunity! Now mainstream e-commerce mode in Taobao mall or Jingdong (Jingdong mall mall is a new online shopping mall


now I will share with you my views on e-commerce, hope to help grassroots groups;

first: let’s talk about Taobao!

from long before I know Taobao, the Internet has just started, now is not so developed, then not many people shopping online, I don’t care more, then the network have been reported in Taobao started on certain deeds, since then I realized the charm of e-commerce. I have a idea that I should not try e-commerce? I was constantly struggling, what to do or not do? Later, still did not give up decided to try. How to carry out e-commerce? How to do? How should I do? According to my experience, to tell you a word:

"everyone has a dream…… And no reason to be confident…… This is the beginning of the business, there is nothing more important than to believe in their own things, only to believe that there is the driving force of action!

We are now entering

!The concept of


electronic commerce and network work you may also have heard! Also have their own opinions, but I still want to share some of my views and everyone: "how to realize e-commerce grassroots!" we must first understand what is electronic commerce? We have to understand that not every kind of method called electronic commerce network to make money! The way to make money online is really very much! We illustrate from the following example:

first: the web site for a month’s income also has about 2500!

second: many young people earn money through online games, but also to achieve the income of 50 yuan a day!

third: to design websites, artists, and now a lot of people to make connections to others……

More than

, is the way to make money online. These methods have many advantages:

1, simple operation, easy to use;

2, diligence can make money, but relatively hard;

3, a labor, a harvest;

4, of course, the money will not be too much.

but these are not e-commerce!

Definition of


definition: selling products over the Internet;

For example,

with electronic commerce,