Family fraud Women’s Taobao buyers cheated nearly 3 million yuan

Jiangsu of Nanjing citizens plan to Taobao through the judicial auction purchase, but due to a fake Alipay customer cheated nearly 3 million yuan. 24 reporters from the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the police went to Hainan the family fraud Gang arrested, the case was successfully solved.

July 7, 2015, Ms. Wang Nanjing people on the court to see the court of justice auction of a set of housing in Nanjing, immediately contact the staff of the. The other told her, because the housing price is higher, according to the relevant rules of the Taobao auction, bidders need to pay the deposit by Alipay, Alipay also increased the amount of the transaction. Subsequently, Ms. Wang through the Baidu search to find a "Alipay customer service call" the 400-708-2001". The phone, customer service said to the rapid increase in the amount of the transaction Alipay, bank card balance must be higher than the amount of 100 yuan, to provide "special bank account remittance, meeting 4 times in order to increase the amount to a total of.

heard the need to transfer to other accounts, Ms. Wang hesitated. "My bank card is 3 million yuan!" in the face of Ms. Wang’s question, "customer service", the operation is only used for verification, because the transfer amount is higher than the bank card balance, so the transfer will not be successful. After that, it also allows Ms. Wang with other accounts to be trusted experiments. Ms. Wang in accordance with this method to transfer 3 million and 100 yuan to her husband’s bank account, confirmed that the transaction can not be successful, and then to the special bank account play money. But she did not expect is that the direction of its account remitted 200 yuan, resulting in its successful transfer of $3 million and 100. After that, the customer service staff said it was an accident, one after another to Ms. Wang turned a few small sums of money. Ms. Wang reaction when cheated, the loss of nearly 3 million yuan.

Nanjing police received a report, quickly set up a task force to investigate, and find out the perpetrators of a family fraud Gang hiding in Hainan, Danzhou. The police then rushed to Danzhou to investigate, confirm the suspect for his brother, they are hiding in a small village near the sea. In August 20th 4 pm, Nanjing police and Danzhou police mobilized more than 100 police officers on the fraud dens assault arrest, will sleep in his brother and other 6 suspects arrested.

after the examination, his brother preliminary account of the facts of the crime of fraud of nearly 3 million yuan. At the same time, by the Danzhou police, but also with more than 20 other communications network fraud cases. Currently, the suspects have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is still under investigation. (reporter Liu Weiwei)