Taobao wholesale platform Amoy wholesale line

April 21st afternoon, the domestic retail business announced today, Amoy wholesale platform ( officially launched, Taobao just need to use Taobao account, you can directly in the Alibaba of small wholesale platform on the procurement of goods.It is reported that Taobao

, Amoy wholesale is to provide quality goods wholesale platform for sellers, mainly through the Alibaba and the Alibaba will Chinese station docking, the goods information directly drained into the Amoy wholesale platform, Taobao seller no longer registered Alibaba account, using their Taobao account can directly purchase Alibaba released small wholesale suppliers the goods, and direct wholesale management in Taobao background.

Amoy wholesale Taobao and Alibaba is a new exploration in the field of network distribution. At present, we have completed the initial docking from Alibaba suppliers to Amoy Taobao retailers, and then we will have further plans." General manager of Taobao business platform business strategy revealed.

according to Yu CE, there will not only complement each other and wholesale Amoy Amoy some agency services, both of which are suitable for different stages of development in the Taobao seller: "we first launched the sale service can solve Taobao sellers in the early development of capital investment limited, the product is not congruent with its own power distributor Difficult miscellaneous diseases, but the grow, most basic sale service has been unable to keep up with their pace of growth, in certain funds, then has a certain awareness of e-commerce market, which means the seller to hoard goods wholesale independent stage, as e-commerce market infrastructure builders, Taobao launched Amoy wholesale effectively demand supply the seller of the chain development."

analysts believe that engaged in e-commerce business, distribution mode can not only enhance the ability of electronic commerce enterprises, can lead the enterprise electronic commerce from the initial stage to a more advanced stage of evolution. Taobao’s distribution platform will play a positive role in improving the structure and evolution of the entire e-commerce industry.

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