WeChat C2C mode to attack the electricity supplier website looks very beautiful

It is reported that in June 27th

news, Tencent is planning WeChat C2C project, although now the news has not been confirmed, but before WeChat has launched the "small shop" service, the purpose of this project is to let each of WeChat users can set up shop on the platform. In other words, WeChat is about to become similar to Taobao, Tmall’s electronic business platform, the number of active users, as well as the analysis of the daily flow, WeChat became C2C electronic business platform seems to be very possible thing. The time for Taobao web site the impact is quite large, but not WeChat can really attack Taobao web site? As a private chat tool, whether WeChat can be transformed into a powerful business platform? WeChat’s users have online shopping habits? These questions are not a few words can be determined the.

at least at this stage of the habit of mobile payments is still immature, users are accustomed to buy goods on Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity supplier website. Taobao was founded in 2003, now has 10 years, the past 10 years has changed our shopping habits, online shopping has gradually become the mainstream shopping. And this user habits will not be easy to change, in accordance with the WeChat C2C model, each can open a shop on WeChat platform, and most are selling second-hand products. For example: their idle second-hand computers, only those who intend to really shop users, will be combined with their own physical store, or simply do not store, open a shop selling things directly. But which also relates to the quality of goods, the store’s reputation, and logistics problems.

WeChat shop to do business circle of friends, circle of friends can sometimes be the most difficult to do business, especially in their real friends, colleagues, friends directly related to the problem of money is not good solution. The price is too low the profit is too small, the high price may hurt the friendship between friends, of course, WeChat circle of friends is not necessarily a friend in reality. There are a lot of people who have not met, but in this case the credibility has become the biggest problem, how to make your friends believe you. First of all, must be honest account of their own information, such as home address, sell their own things if there are quality problems can be replaced. Otherwise, it is prone to conflicts and disputes, and friends are basically the same city, which is even more difficult to deal with.

WeChat was originally a chat tool, if you really become a platform for C2C mobile electricity supplier, then the attendant is overwhelming advertising information. Because the threshold of the shop on WeChat has become very low, so many users want to try it, naturally promote their products more important than chat. Advertising information is too much will destroy the WeChat ecosystem, especially some junk, unhealthy advertising, WeChat is a social software, is not suitable as a C2C business platform. And WeChat electricity supplier process is still very vague, destroyed the social circle, WeChat will no longer exist.

Ali upcoming listing, Tencent at this time there will be a big move, Ali, Tencent mutual resistance and repression, who do not want to be the final >