Jiangxi to build three of the ten pattern to build e-commerce enterprise clusters

for the fourteen plenary session of twelve session of the just concluded the provincial Party committee, Yuan Chuan is particularly proud and excited, he has overcome a series of difficulties for the leadership of the provincial Party committee of the whole people, achieved great development and economic reform breakthrough, social harmony and proud, more depicts the blueprint for the development of Jiangxi provincial Party committee and inspiring.

said that in the past 5 years, Anyuan and the province has been a considerable development. Is expected by the end of 2010, Anyuan District GDP will exceed 14 billion yuan, is 2.2 times in 2005, an average annual increase of 16.6%; the total fiscal revenue exceeded 1 billion 800 million yuan, is 4.2 times in 2005, the average annual growth rate of 33%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 16 thousand yuan, is 1.8 times in 2005, an average annual increase of 12.3%; per capita net income farmers 7900 yuan, 1.8 times in 2005, the average annual growth of 12.5%……

go back, we will be combined with the actual situation of Anyuan, focus on the implementation of industrial knowledge, three production modernization, intensive agriculture, city landscape, urban and rural integration, economic internationalization strategy, and strive to achieve the goal of the national top 100." Yuan Chuan said.

face the upcoming 12th Five-Year, Yuan Chuan full of confidence. "We have established the" three ten "development ideas, build ten industrial development platform on the outskirts of the city, the city side of the construction of ten professional market, the city to build ten neighborhood characteristics, construct a new pattern of urban and rural development, complementary resources, benefit sharing mutual interaction." At the same time, Anyuan district will seize the innovation, actively introduce talents, increase innovation platform to support efforts to promote cooperation, to develop new energy, new materials, metal logistics, cultural and creative new pillar industries, optimize the industrial structure, product structure and enterprise structure, improve the capability of independent innovation and regional economic competition ability.

"to the coal selection center as a leader in speeding up the construction of industrial products, Quan Jiang logistics base; accelerate the construction of the memorial park of Anyuan City, the Autumn Harvest Uprising and a number of tourist attractions, scenic spots, make Anyuan tourism articles; to national hundred animation enterprises Catier animation as a leader, the construction of cultural and creative blocks, promote the development of cultural and creative in the national top ten industry; electronic commerce website to exchange information as a leader, to build e-commerce enterprise clusters, and promote the rapid development of electronic commerce industry……"

Yuan Chuan said that Anyuan will continue to increase investment in the people’s livelihood, continue to carry out thousands of grassroots cadres, three heart service aggregation and excel, to know the people, the people, to help rich people as the basic standard of each cadre primary responsibility and excel; accelerate the health system reform. To improve the medical insurance system, increase efforts to enhance the transformation of educational and teaching facilities, strengthen the masses sports and cultural support; to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and village communities, increase affordable housing, low rent housing construction and River Mine shantytowns, the foundation of harmony and stability in the region more solid.