Shanda product network platform for trial operation on the same line with Taobao mall

November 10th news, Shanda poly network official today announced: product poly network will be formally launched in November 11th trial operation. This product together online line will involve products together in all kinds of business platform, including business shop, category, search and all goods purchase function.

it is understood that the products together earlier this year to set up a joint investment in the original grand gold cool CEO Ge Binbin and two generation Internet elite, poly mesh products founder Ge Binbin has put out a year share in the market, two years ahead of the competition, three years to the big listed. Prior to the product poly network was on October 10th on-line experience purchase project, due to the experience of the purchase of the interface is too similar to buy site and was mistakenly believe that the product is a group buying site.

Mall B2C platform

product poly on the line today website looks more like Taobao, in addition to the overall structure is similar, the industry category navigation, search engine, store structure etc. are very similar with Taobao mall. It can be seen that the positioning of the product is similar to the Taobao mall B2C platform, rather than a simple buy mode.

obtained from the product of poly news, product Poly has more than 5000 merchants in application, this opening product will play together "five thousand new shop Zhang Chao low discount do share" of the 50 percent off Cap activities. From the number of merchants and the number of goods, the product has reached the stage of pre investment B2C platform basic requirements.

product clustering network founder Ge Binbin said, the line on the platform or for the purpose of performance testing platform, before the purchase is to store and experience test platform to use group purchase activities. In the experience of the purchase process, according to the product variety of user needs to adjust the platform user experience and performance. At present, the quality of the network has been through internal testing, and through the network to achieve the whole network trial operation. In addition to all kinds of business activities during the trial operation, the product poly network also to merchants and consumers for more advice to adjust the performance of the platform.

current poly network function is only about 1/3 on-line." Ge Binbin, founder of product aggregation network, and online games, e-commerce platform also needs to achieve normal operation of the platform through various tests. Product gathering will be the main function of the mall is the hope that through the open formal business environment test platform performance.

Ge Binbin said the product poly network also has multiple versions, including various types of business tools and a variety of marketing functions are not yet open. For buyers, there are a lot of similar features to buy the game has not yet opened. Product poly network will also be gradually opened before the end of the various functions to businesses and consumers.