Suning holdings of Japan’s largest duty-free shop Laox settled Tmall nternational

recently, Tmall international and Japan’s largest duty-free group of Laox (Tesco official) announced a strategic cooperation, the Suning Laox officially settled as the largest shareholder of Tmall international, and will continue for a week opening ceremony, this cooperation is regarded as a Alibaba with Suning cloud business in the global strategy of lightning fusion, communication the strategic deployment of the two sides together to create new business ecosystem, prior to 2009 Suning investment to become the largest shareholder of Laox.

It is reported that

Laox, Tmall will focus on the introduction of Japan’s most popular international user appliances, kitchen, cosmetics and many other categories. Tmall international will actively help Laox through Ali big data to open up the Chinese market, and jointly promote the further integration of the supply chain. The two sides will also cooperate in the future full channel integration and other aspects of Sino Japanese cooperation.

integration speed, intensity far beyond the imagination


group China retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng said, the Alibaba group and Su ningyun group has just reached a strategic cooperation, only a week later, Tmall international will usher in investment by Japanese Su Ning duty-free group Laox Tesco official settled, while is also high in Tmall, both in the domestic market and global import strategy fusion speed efforts are far more than outsiders imagine. 2015 is the year of the Soviet Union Suning comprehensively promote globalization, the two sides reached a consensus on the import strategy, will work together to quickly promote the establishment of a new global business ecosystem."

Laox President Luo Yiwen said, Laox has 85 years of retail experience in Japan, the Japanese companies retain a unique focus and service. "Chinese is an important overseas market, in order to achieve high growth is our goal through the integration of online and offline, which is Laox previously active in, now also actively settled Tmall international platform intention. Look forward to the cooperation in the future to cover a wider range of Chinese consumers, so they do not have to go abroad to buy the same goods and services in Laox."

August 13th, Laox announced the first half of fiscal year 2015 data, turnover grew more than 1 times, reaching 45 billion 100 million yen, net profit rose by an average of 79 times, reaching $4 billion 600 million. The strategic cooperation with Tmall international, Laox will rely on the innovation mode of cross-border import electricity supplier, so that consumers Chinese country can not buy Japanese rice cookers, toilet cover, beauty instrument and other popular consumer goods, and the introduction of exclusive services and preferential prices.

Tmall International LED Ali globalization strategy in Japan continue to deepen

according to the Japan tourism agency released data show that in 2014 foreign tourists visiting Japan travel consumption 2 trillion 27 billion 800 million yen (about 100 billion 980 million yuan), Chinese tourists accounted for about 30% of the most famous Laox. During the Spring Festival in 2015, rice cookers, toilet cover crazy scene is sold China tourists, occurred in Akihabara, Ginza and Hokkaido, Osaka, and Fukuoka.