How to become a big seller by Taobao deal

said that the attacks are small sellers, Taobao brand sellers, how do you say? The gun fight bird, these sellers do on this, has become the innocent victims, and now many in the group, the relevant staff for the needs of the buyers to the official website to buy, although this is so after all, but they have a brand, make a lot of online shopping people remember them, both in the third party platform, or on their own platform, which represents a big seller image. Therefore, even if the incident was so big, but there are still a lot of people willing to be a big seller, want to be a big seller. So, how to build the brand now on the left side of the situation, talk about how to become a big seller Taobao.

more questions on the platform

for many small stores open shop, there is no traffic, lack of publicity is the most headache problem. The seller has just started operating the shop, perhaps do not understand anything, but in Baidu know hair problems, and then someone answered, to the forum post is learned from the method, earned a lot of popularity. In addition, the seller can also use the forum, personal blog, micro-blog to advertise their own multi site. In addition to helping the seller to obtain knowledge of the network, but also to help find a lot of business partners.

participate in peer activities

recommended to communicate with people, especially with the exchange of other sellers, each seller has its own successful place can learn, even once a detour, also can draw lessons from, avoid detours. Some of the activities of network communication, can participate in, these are can share the experience of the place directly, also can know some successful sellers.

product quality and service to create a good beer

business can go the biggest success is the word of mouth, in addition to product quality, service is the key. Now online businesses consumers often buy to uneven in quality, some fake and shoddy products, which allow consumers to have online shopping. Emphasis on product quality, is the most important point of access to word of mouth.

service is very important to the establishment of online reputation. When the problems, many businesses will allow customers to find customer service, customer service requirements of our initiative to find customers to solve the problem; "we will ask the customer to help consumers query express, rather than the transportation problem all pushed to the courier company" the seller to do so. This directly to the buyer to solve the problem, in order to get the buyer’s approval.

a successful brand building, not only is the pre packaging, but also need to pay attention to many details. This article comes from the game home, please indicate, thank you!