The battle of Day Carnival and pain but difficult business platform

from the 2012 day (November 11th, also known as double eleven) at the end of the big promotion, there are two days.

intensified electricity supplier price war, let this exclusive Ali "Tmall", a public electricity supplier, rush. Jingdong, Tesco, Yi Xun and so on have a pain to get ready for battle, kill, no one will miss this opportunity to increase traffic and sales.

the afternoon of October 9th, AFU oil founder Meng wake (called carved God) a micro-blog caused a great disturbance on the internet.

Meng wake micro-blog said, Jingdong locked mall background, forcing businesses to poor promotion, and said: "the AFU brand from the Jingdong to withdraw shop. From now on, Jingdong mall AFU products sold by AFU brand and no association. The AFU brand is not responsible for the sale of any AFU products sold by the non authorized channels’ Jingdong Mall ‘and will not be shipped."

AFU is lit up in a brand of essential oils in Taobao, known as annual sales of up to four hundred million or five hundred million. Meng woke up in an interview with reporters, said the same day in the morning, in order to attack Taobao’s double eleven, Jingdong mall will be replaced by the price of AFU’s counter price of 50 percent off, as well as buy gifts. After that, AFU mall AFU flagship store background lock, does not allow the price change.

Meng said, it makes him very embarrassed. He told reporters, AFU participated in this year’s Taobao double eleven activities, then made a commitment in the double eleven day, the entire electricity supplier can not have a lower price than this, can not be the same price." This means that if the Jingdong mall to modify the price of AFU oil products, AFU will be in Tmall’s double eleven was off the shelf.

this, Jingdong mall official reply said, according to the communication records with AFU, as early as October 17th, AFU has been identified to participate in the activities of Jingdong desert storm. It is understood that AFU promised to participate in activities in advance, and now quit because of the threat of a given electricity supplier and give a better position to promote the commitment. In order to protect the user’s normal shopping rights, Jingdong may have temporarily blocked AFU’s background. Jingdong mall respect the seller’s choice, the latter will be resolved through consultation."

"singles day" war will last a year electricity supplier price war pushed to the climax.

compared with the 2011 day, the number of electronic business platform this year increased to 10. In addition to Tmall, Jingdong,, Gome online mall, shop No. 1, China Amazon, easy fast network, such as have joined. Promotion time from 1 days to a few days, or even a month. Among them, the Jingdong’s "Desert Storm" is from October 10th to November 12th, promotion is from November 9th to November 11th. According to the state power grid electricity supplier website editor Jia Penglei introduced only in the Taobao platform promotion brand businesses is 4~5 times that of last year, the number of businesses involved in the brand increased sharply.

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