National University BBS or integration has been banned outside the login

China radio network May 23rd news, more than 100 BBS from the station, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University Weiming Xixuan Keyuan forum and other stars, GUCAS Beijing and Tianjin area of more than and 50 famous universities in Beijing to participate in the "National University Network Alliance preparatory conference and the third Beijing Tianjin University BBS webmaster general assembly". The meeting was organized by the central network television center, China Youth Network association. The meeting is a big news, the delegates issued a national network of colleges and universities to build the initiative, ready to present their respective camps, independent colleges and universities BBS forum integration."

put the news in words, words removed, netizens interpretation information, is not a new round of consolidation "atmosphere"? Chinese driven Internet Development Forum in prosperity, such as the most popular "North BBS in a complete mess" website, but in September 2004 by a number of departments to rectify. According to media reports, in the first quarter of 2005, the major colleges and universities have received notice of BBS, said the Ministry of education requires all campus network BBS to the school platform model change, and the implementation of the real name system background. Like Domino, Fudan University, South, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and other universities have banned outside the login BBS. Some netizens said that this BBS "off outside the storm, the BBS returned ten years ago". There are users worried about this, this time integration, how many years ago to return to look like