Pepper live released big data anchor 1 gifts 5 billion


mobile phone Chinese recently released the "pepper pepper live broadcast 2016 annual data", which includes products, articles, articles, the annual regional aspect, constellation, nouveau riche, anchor text, campus ultimate summary articles on live, and you want to know what may be here.

first look at the final summary, according to statistics, the total annual number of gifts received anchor pepper more than 5 billion yuan, the strongest absorption among the Sichuan woman, about 14.76% of the amount of reward is Sichuan girl away, Beijing to anchor the gold absorption capacity was second 9.42%, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong line anchor from third to fifth.

in addition, northeast strength rolling Taiwan cavity, more popular and welcome the fans, from the effort, Hebei anchor with 612 minutes of daily live long to lead the country, is fully deserve "workaholic". Beijing fans love playing a year anchor, a reward amount is as high as 500 million yuan, 10 o’clock in the evening peak hours playing tour of the nouveau riche to live, you choose the best 22:00 anchor.

so which one is the most popular? That is, of course, Zhang Jike pepper night toilet, the number of people watching more than 5 million 300 thousand, more than 470 thousand times the number of shares. In addition, Wu Yifan Fan Bingbing, Fengjie star red also attracted a lot of fans to watch live.

although this year issued the "webcast order" to broadcast platform and anchors a punch, but I believe that after purification, rectification, live on a more formal way of development.