Wan butterfly network 18 closed free WAP mode declared the end

according to reliable sources, mobile blog service providers million butterfly mobile announcement will be closed in November 18, 2009 million butterfly network. The company CEO Xiang Fangwei said in an interview, the free WAP model is now more difficult to make money, but he will not give up the mobile internet.

it is understood that due to the development of the butterfly network after several years did not achieve profitability, the company’s shareholders after evaluation and consultation, decided to close at 23 on November 18, 2009 butterfly network services.

Xiang Fangwei said that some of the hardcore users after learning the news, said he was willing to pay support butterfly. But from the company’s perspective, the future whether to restart the butterfly network, but also depending on the specific circumstances.

Xiang Fangwei believes that there are difficulties in generating profits free WAP mode at this stage, this is the main reason for closing the butterfly million net, there are large environmental reasons, more of their products, butterfly million funding conditions and operational thinking. But he is still optimistic about the mobile internet field, the future work will focus on this.

at present, the wireless industry chain is changing, more companies will also work with this change, continue to find more suitable business model. Butterfly million mobile closed means free WAP mode may be ended, and two reasons are doomed to this result: one is the lack of clear profit model free WAP model, meager advertising revenue is difficult to continue; two with the 3G curtain opened, the increase in bandwidth, as well as mobile operators of mobile the Internet control and clenched independent free WAP mode is facing challenges, independent provider of WAP survival environment.