Baidu C2C Taobao Baidu spider confrontation

Taobao shield for Baidu spiders, Taobao public relations director Lu Weixing said that Taobao has some user privacy data is certainly not allowed to grab the search engine. Taobao is completely blocked Baidu index, Lu Weixing said it is not clear.

today is actually completely shielded from   it can be seen that

User-agent: Baiduspider
            Disallow: /
            User-agent: baiduspider
              Disallow: /

Taobao spider door event will be far-reaching, both opened Taobao and Baidu’s C2C market head-on confrontation. Will also be followed by numerous examples of websites.

from the folk, there are some such views

This is the

1 arm feat. Taobao from Baidu to flow less and less, Baidu’s human interference is very serious, shielding is sooner or later. And after death, it is better to rise up. There are many similar stories in history. Will arm tails survive. Instead of being fired by Baidu, it’s better to give Baidu the first.

2 shielding, the first to allow users and public opinion on the side of Taobao. Baidu in recent years the unfair search behavior, has caused outrage in the IT community and the webmaster.

3 is likely to let users increase dependence on Taobao for example, some users may search on Taobao something from Baidu once the Baidu store line could threaten Taobao. Let users know that Baidu search to Taobao must go to the Taobao.

4 from SNS and the industry there are many websites as you are using cold-shoulder treatment to Baidu. The current search market can also feel that professional search or Google is really doing search search company. And Baidu is just to do the search for the company to do, short-sighted and unfair behavior has lost the search of professional ethics, as if Donews, Admin5 is also the right to drop Baidu.

5 if the success of Taobao’s instigation. Is to more sites for Baidu hegemony instigation reference   I believe that soon, many personal websites and industry website, will also have raised the banner of protest Baidu search. There have been a number of Baidu malicious right down and blocked >