Baidu encyclopedia only allowed people to lead their fire door advertising lamp

Internet is also the same as the earthquake occurred in Yushu earthquake, following the Baidu was black. The two major domestic tourism website of tourism industry veteran 17u the same way network and rookie lvmama crazy ass mother against each other, delete the other entries in the Baidu encyclopedia. Are the same simple and rough way: delete entry references and further reading advertising links, by the rate of up to 90%. YISHION has always been clear that the Baidu encyclopedia is really so many ads, or Wikipedia connivance pseudo ad links to delete the link and eat the consequences of Baidu encyclopedia deep advertising door



did not disclose the identity according to the insiders said: Baidu encyclopedia Wikipedia has been advertised green, crack down on the left when editing Wikipedia editors link, called advertising, surprising is that these two tourism websites have keywords in Baidu Baike’s bidding, and tourist attractions, hotels, city and so on, there are two. Link to the site, this is reminiscent of the two sites, is not the keyword bidding, then the Encyclopedia for what they do advertising links close one eye? As some IT people in the industry said: Google, the Baidu

will be more crazy?

, according to a person for editing entries in the Wikipedia encyclopedia entries revealed that in fact there are many mistakes, some Its loopholes appeared one after another., are not objective, many netizens said: the Baidu Encyclopedia encyclopedia. Many Wikipedia is locked, not allowed to edit, and the content is obvious. Some medical entries, filled with all kinds of treatment methods, and these methods of treatment and dosage and no reference to a doctor, according to the author’s friends said: I read a few simple entry for the disease, and found many places have errors, treatment methods are introduced, and the dosage, in fact if the reader is mistaken for It differs from man to man., the authority, in accordance with the method introduced by self medication, is likely to have life risk. Baidu Encyclopedia has always been recognized by authoritative information users, and these contents and mistakes, it is easy to mistake. Expand the spread of errors caused some adverse consequences. Moreover, many entries of public opinion seriously violated the people’s privacy and reputation, a lot of people and events of the entries, filled with some of the editors and the blackguard have an ulterior motive attack, some time ago the Shoushou incident, female teachers pornographic, ICBC, and so on and so on entry, almost one-sided in the event of acrimony, characters were exposed and human flesh, seriously affected the normal life events of characters. Many of them lack some of the rumors and attacks out of thin air. A lawyer said, this is a serious infringement of reputation and privacy, these entries are not many I to create, but not in my knowledge by creating and editing.

in the number of entries in the entry content, almost all users everywhere copied, put all sorts of things together. "