Domain name investor Hao Peng a domain name can not earn more than 1000 yuan even compensate

IT was originally built with vision website name practitioners embrace customer personality ten years did not play enough


watch the news, browse the site, through consulting the karmic relationship between friends, it saw the principal investment, not imprisoned, no colleagues…… For Hao Peng, 33, that’s all he’s doing.

he did not stir the stock or the house, but the domain name (the Internet address of the company or institution on the Internet). It has been ten years since he joined the line.

domain name is like a heritage, when the investment is purely personal vision, Hao Peng so for their own investment products under the definition. Some domain name backlog in the hands of individuals, has been unable to sell. Some domain names are bullish, the difference between the sale of several times or even a hundred times.

"I’m just a small investor at best." After ten years of ups and downs, Hao Peng is very calm, slowly talking about his personal career journey.

began to register the name of the domain name

11 years ago, a year of graduation Hao Peng is a IT practitioner. Every day with the network to deal with him, more than anyone else to contact the domain name. At that time, his monthly income of 3000 yuan, is a high income.

with his own interest, registered the first domain name in life, named after his personal "". 1000 yuan can buy two years." For the first time, he took out 1/3 of his salary to accomplish a little dream in his life.

at that time, he had no idea that this is a sustainable and profitable industry, he just think it is a very beautiful thing to name a website.

however, at the end of the same year, the name "" in the United States sold for $7 million 500 thousand, a domain name transaction history of a miracle. It is said that a few years ago, investors spent a total of $600 thousand to buy, and domain name.

these stories to stimulate some people to join in this China is a climate of the industry, people began to have prophetic vision betting money, domain name registration. Provinces and cities in China, down to the daily life of the goods, as well as digital English, have been registered on a large scale.

these people, including Hao Peng. 2000, the price of the domain name has been used for about two years from one thousand yuan, down to $fifty or sixty a year.

so, he began to get a monthly fixed monthly salary from some funds, registered domain name. Many are personal hobbies, he have to operate their own thinking on these sites, the nature of the domain name investment ratio is not high.

profit first pot of gold earned nearly a hundred times

in early 2001, Hao Peng sold the first domain name: gaof>