1 years of operation of the loss of billions of dollars to Suning Consumer Finance Companies for 300

news October 10th, the day before, Su ningyun announced that a subsidiary of Suning Co. Ltd. based on consumer finance business development will be 300 million yuan in capital, which will su ningyun capital invested 147 million yuan, Suning Consumer Finance Companies, after the completion of the capital increase, Su ningyun Suning will hold 49% stake in the Consumer Finance Companies.

data show that Suning Consumer Finance Company Limited was established in May 2015, registered capital of 300 million yuan, including the operation of the payment of personal consumption loans, accept the shareholders of domestic subsidiaries and domestic shareholders deposits, loans to domestic financial institutions, approved the issuance of financial bonds, domestic lending, consult with the consumer finance agency business; sales agents related to consumer credit insurance products, fixed income securities investment business.

Suning consumer finance business, billion state power network from Suning announcement to 2015, Suning consumer financial loss of net profit -6168.69 million yuan, as of December 31, 2015, Suning consumer finance 1 billion 749 million yuan of total assets, total liabilities 1 billion 510 million yuan, net assets of 238 million yuan; the first half of this year, Suning Consumer Finance Companies operating income 43 million 279 thousand yuan, net loss of -1.465 billion yuan.

license, it is understood that, as of now, Suning consumer finance has been third party payment, business factoring, consumer finance, microfinance, insurance agents and other licenses.


Suning consumer finance official website screenshot

Su ningyun capital after Suning financial equity changes, billion state power network has learned, the former capital of Su ningyun 49% stake, is the controlling shareholder of the company, Limited by Share Ltd, Nanjing bank personal financial group, Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Bank of Paris France the Yanghe River winery Kang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Jiangsu Herald again were holding 20%, 15%, 10%, 6%; after the capital increase, Su Ningyun still holds 49% of shares, the controlling shareholder of the company, and several other shareholders holding a slight change, first Kang Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Company Limited, and Bank of Nanjing Limited by Share Ltd, personal financial group, Bank of Paris Jiangsu France the Yanghe River winery Limited by Share Ltd holdings, holdings were 16%, 15%, and 15% 5%.

for Suning Consumer Finance Companies, Su ningyun said, Suning had established consumer finance, is to focus on the layout of consumer business, Suning will create a consumer financial service system of financial products all products covered by the payment, supply chain finance, consumer credit, finance, etc., all the chips, as Suning ecosystem customer service.

in the early days of operation, for the development of users, improve brand awareness, Suning consumer finance increased investment promotion, spending more, bringing a phased loss. After more than a year of operation, its strategic positioning gradually clear, around Suning online, offline ecosystem, the full advantage of the Internet to play the retail channel