ETUDE women’s network will enable the new domain name

recently, Chinese women in the vertical web site ranked first in the ETUDE women’s network officially enabled domain

It is reported that ETUDE

, the large sum of female exclusion of more than a million yuan to purchase the right to use the powerful Larry domain, which shows its strength and determination to enter the Chinese top fashion website.

February 2009, ETUDE formally launched the women’s network operations, starting from the grassroots website, step by step, has been a professional service to the majority of Internet users. Through 3 years of efforts, now the ETUDE women’s network users have reached the level of 10 million a day. According to iResearch authoritative website rankings, ETUDE’s network currently has been ranked Chinese female class vertical sites ranked first, women website ranked second. The growth of ETUDE women network so quickly, training a large number of loyal users, has become the majority of users love the professional site and familiar, its development speed is enough to allow peer attention and admiration.

with the official opening of the new domain name, ETUDE women’s network is also in its rapid and stable growth of the 3 anniversary of the completion of a gorgeous metamorphosis. Often browse ETUDE women’s network of loyal users will find that ETUDE women’s web page design more concise and elegant. Column setting more fashionable, core column love fashion, love beauty, love life, love him, the map carefully built close to the needs of the users; these changes that are ready to enter the ETUDE women’s top fashion website.

in addition, the revision in addition to richer content, more exquisite design, but also the connotation of ETUDE women network made an unprecedented improvement and development, except for a few large channel content has been on the line, ETUDE will also bring new fun, sports, cars, digital, luxury, and other exciting channel of metrosexual man for the user.


women will be "Make Your Choice · · life; standard" as the new brand purpose, can not only meet the ability to choose their ideal quality standard of living needs of users, but also bring a new experience for the public users. The future of ETUDE network will not only for fashion women, more tentacles extend to every one on the quality of life in the high-end crowd, to make a set of ornamental and practical interaction, as one of the professional quality of life of fashion communication platform.