Adsense network broadcast WeChat public platform rules to adjust the pig eight quit network financin


1 by the Taiwan regulatory review Tencent faces divestment processing  

June 16th news, according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" English edition reported that the Tencent subsidiary in Taiwan will face Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Investment Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "Investment Commission") review, to check whether the business within the approved scope, if violations of light will be dealt with according to law, heavy will be required from Taiwan divestment.

Investment Commission said in June 8th, the Tencent registered in mainland Chinese identity in the table company, but its approved business did not cover the instant chat application of WeChat, if the chat application engaged in some business activities without approval, the company will face punishment or even be expelled from Taiwan.

2 WeChat public platform rules re adjust: new registration need to verify the individual or enterprise  

June 15th, WeChat public platform rules adjust again: a range of public money to expand verification; new registered users must verify the individual or enterprise, and publicity; most severely crack down on counterfeit behavior.

to expand the scope of public money, a penny verification

in the new user registration, WeChat public platform will be limited to the original type of small business to public verification method, open to the media, other types of organizations.

3 pig eight quit nets CEO Zhu Mingyue: Chongqing Internet companies can melt into 2 billion 600 million  

Crowdsourcing website was announced before the date of a total of 2 billion 600 million yuan financing, investors including Cerberus and Chongqing city in a state-owned enterprise, the Cerberus investment 1 billion 600 million, the northern part of Chongqing city’s state-owned companies will increase investment 1 billion yuan capital

pig network in Chongqing for a long time, as a second tier city is located in the enterprise, suddenly announced that the financing scale of nearly $400 million, which makes a lot of many Internet companies in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, but practitioners surprised everywhere for financing is really.

4 National Copyright Bureau Yan Xiaohong: " Jian Wang 2015" focus on standardizing music copyright  

Beijing time on June 16th morning news, the State Press and Publication Administration (National Copyright Bureau) deputy director Yan Xiaohong this morning, 10 points to 11 points at the Sina micro-blog micro interview, "Jian Wang 2015" special action "this topic with friends of the exchange.

Yan Xiaohong said that the State Copyright Bureau attaches great importance to the protection of the original network literature. In early 2015, the General Administration issued the guidance on promoting the healthy development of network literature. Next, we will further improve the laws and regulations, strengthen routine supervision, continue to combat piracy and piracy of literary works.

5 a former employee secret: know how to do community operations