The top-level domain name speculators appreciation potential at fraud registration



CNNIC submitted to the court approval of the Ministry of industry (on) approved the submission and 35 interconnection (below), there were significant differences in the number and seal two. Zheng Minjie for map

a letter worth a million, can you imagine such a thing?

in the Internet domain name registration and trading circles, such a legend actually staged every day. In order to have a top-level domain such as, Sina micro-blog spent at least 5 million yuan, Google (China) and excellent network of, worth millions of dollars. The value of the world’s most expensive domain name, in 2010, up to $13 million.

these huge potential for appreciation of the domain name, the line is called "rice". Around this gluttonous feast, the parties running still intoxicated. In order to share a cup of soup, profit to forgery, illegal cybersquatting.

in this dispute, Chinese Internet Network Information Center as a national domain name registration authority (CNNIC) and 35, Beijing new network and other well-known Internet domain name registration services also failed to get away, "rice farming" (domain name investors) refers to not only the existence of loopholes in management, and numerous shady. Zheng Minjie is the senior "rice farming" for these institutions has brought nearly 200 lawsuits. At present, the domain name for reservation of a number of government departments are forgery malicious cybersquatting things, the public security organs have been involved in the investigation.

35 Internet suspension storm

for a halo of listed companies, accused of fraud is undoubtedly a big trouble, but after the resumption of the 35 interconnection trading board

last week, only in two working days after Qingming small holiday, the Xiamen venture board listed 35 Internet Polytron Technologies Inc in Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the 35 Internet) a ride back to the "roller coaster".

Thursday, April 5th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement, said the public media, about 35 Internet information, may have a greater impact on the company’s stock price, the company applies the 35 Internet stock on the opening date for the temporary suspension, resumption of trading after the company disclosed the clarification announcement.

night, 35 Internet release on the Internet to clarify the rumors announcement. The next day, according to the results about 35 Internet resumption, usher in a daily limit, to close at 13.89 yuan. Insiders refer to do not understand ", referring to the existence of human operation possible".

said "35 Internet rumors online", the specific content is this: according to media reports, Chinese Internet Network Information Center as a national domain name registration authority (CNNIC), and as a well-known Internet domain name registration services 35 Internet, allegedly forged state organs official seal, malicious cybersquatting 17 limit note >