nternet veteran reloaded, the forum can break the mobile nternet


mobile Internet wave another cruel reality, was the first batch of Chinese Internet users to cultivate the forum is old.

by WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu and other new social platform Post Bar impact forum life increasingly difficult: Alexa data show that the current domestic forum ranked 25, ranking 265 in the world, compared to three months ago fell 70, the bounce rate (Bounce Rate) 40.70%. Bounce rate refers to the proportion of single page access to the user, a single page access that directly after the site to close down.

mop.com network technology channel editor Zhao Gang think an interview with the author: Although the ranking dropped, but the forum did not flow down, the old users in the forum, but with the mobile Internet users grew up rarely use the forum, they are micro-blog, WeChat generation.

ranking, influence, income of "three" indicates that vertical Forum Life difficult. How to break through? One is to build a network of acquaintances through interest, topic, form a circle of culture; the two is to emphasize the mobility on product settings, embrace the mobile Internet, mobile client "Tianya forum launched the latest micro theory" is the product of this background.

said Tianya founder and chairman Xing Ming an interview with the author, hoping to "micro theory" into WeChat, micro-blog wireless products and the formation of "three racing together bridle to bridle the micro world" pattern.

veterans set off again, is a new legend or a sad farewell? Perhaps, action is more important.

bottles with new wine

forum two functions, one is knowledge sharing, the two is to communicate and exchange, and even online and offline communication.

in micro-blog, WeChat is not born, the user’s information sharing and communication friends either through QQ to complete, or through the vertical forum completed. Micro-blog, WeChat, Baidu QQ rolling, Post Bar have been hit, not to mention the vertical community, which is the fundamental reason for the transformation of the forum.

transformation of the logic of the world has two, one is mobile, and the other is the interests of the vertical content rather than dividing the circle of the two.

horizon in the wireless terminal is not late, 07 years to launch WAP version, launched 09 Symbian "palm Tianya" client based on 10 years, Android launched iOS version. Chen Yong believes that this is not the real "wireless", "palm Tianya" just copy on the PC content in the wireless terminal.

after reflection, for the wireless terminal to the "Tianya Tianya micro theory". Micro positioning is: to provide users with a complete platform for mobile social interest, rather than content boundaries. "Come", "tribe", "discovery" are based on the interest and the topic of the establishment of a discussion group, similar to the watercress group or Baidu post bar; "tribe" is a secret group, Fang