Dog Man Network merger next year membership network scarred million mark



dog network acquisition network members next year scarred million mark

November 30th, the pet owner social platform Dog Network ( announced the formal merger of new pet community network attack (, after founder Lv Bosen will join the dog network management team, to enhance the user experience and promote the development of mobile application app.

dog people network by Tsinghua alumni and angel investors co founded in September 1, 2006 to provide services on the line, the current membership of 860 thousand, is China’s leading dog owners social and electronic business platform. It is expected that by June 2013, the dog will be 1 million members of the network will become the world’s largest interactive platform for pet owners.

attack network founded by returned overseas students in June 2012 on the line. Since University of Toronto founder Lu Bosen school, returning from work, good product design.

dog network founder Tang Yang said: "Mr Lv Bosen is expert in product design talent, at the same time with the start empty-handed hard work spirit, fully consistent with the" dog people nets make things happen "concept. After the completion of the merger, the two sides to provide more perfect products and services to the millions of pet owners. "(Lei Feng)