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after half a year before hibernation, located in the channel of the footwear B2C business began to make music Amoy brands. The company has launched a total of 5 footwear independent brands, including Chance Chance (just), Lavis Lavie (Le Wei), Imosii (), MANWILL (), C+ (Si Ga).

According to Chen Hu,

vice president of Lok, among them, just by the actress Xu Jinglei endorsement, positioning crowd is the workplace white-collar female; Wei Le by actress Yang Mi endorsement, is aimed at young urban women; and maki is the main Japanese style. Marvell is men’s shoes, canvas shoes C+.

, we tried 5 brands, hoping to increase the product, expand the category, allowing users to generate repeat purchase." Chen Hu told reporters, in line with traditional brands, each brand shoes are positioning is a breakdown of users.

June 2011, Le Amoy get angry birds brand authorization, and in the industry to promote the introduction of innovative bird shoes, of which the price of 69 yuan slippers, canvas shoes to help lower the high cost of $159 yuan to help canvas shoes. When the bird just on the line, the weekly sales of more than 1 thousand pairs.

"the independent brand shoes sales profit than Nike, Adidas and other international big shoes profits higher." Chen Hu admitted that the bird’s shoes to let the music Amoy bright, and began to try. Later, the bird shoes, fruit ninja shoes, shoes and other Master Taiko brand sales accounted for about 10% of the overall sales of music Amoy shoes.

this laid the foundation for the transformation of music Amoy brand. According to Le Tao introduction, Le Tao has been with the spider man, plant zombies, and other movies, games, launched the corresponding canvas shoes. In the search for brand licensing, we will sign a shorter cooperation with these manufacturers authorized general contract is 1 to 3 years." Chen Hu told reporters that the mobile Internet Games change quickly, the user will change the brand of each game. "Our approach is to slow fast, with the continuous updating of brand sports shoes, to shop."

to do the transformation of the brand, went to the upstream industry chain, which is the third Amoy music amoy." Chen admitted that the road is difficult to go, have to go, otherwise there is no way out." According to its introduction, founded in 2008 to online sales of toys based music Amoy is the first venture. In 2009 to make a transition to footwear B2C, supply chain model to do consignment is the second venture library.

music Amoy has opened a flagship store in Tmall, in Hangzhou, the recruitment of relevant personnel. In order to enter the state as soon as possible in the Taobao platform, music Amoy also experienced Taobao operators to operate on behalf of. For Tencent’s electronic business platform, Chen Hu said that at present, music Amoy is promoting its own brand into the Tencent 5 electronic business platform. In the opinion of the billion state power network editor Jia Penglei, Le Amoy brand is now the Internet to make a transition difficulty is not small, there are many Amoy brand of Taobao rules very familiar Taobao, Lok also need to go through a >