The characteristics and value of e-mail marketing in the operation and maintenance of enterprise web

enterprise website is currently bidding Baidu as everyone knows, and SEO is popularized in many ways of enterprise operation and maintenance supervisor preferred, in fact, I believe that any kind of promotion means as long as the acme will bring many unexpected promotion effect for us, Baidu bid and the advantages of SEO our high quality is self-evident, people oriented is the most prominent feature, but this two kinds of mode of operation we inevitably involves the promotion cost of our problems, in obtaining high-quality customers and promotion costs us is remarkable, the author analyzed the characteristics and value of the enterprise email marketing.

first, the collation and analysis of enterprise user database. The establishment of one of the most important characteristics of e-mail marketing is the marketing database, our marketing database is the foundation and core of links, we generally enterprises in the course of database mining can be used by the channel mode of operation of the following. First, take the initiative to get email address some of the industry’s QQ group, very simple to say that I was engaged in computer system integration, the author specially applied for a company account by adding some information security QQ group, QQ group system integration and computer network security monitoring and so on related, we need to understand that after entering the group of customers group general classification can communicate with each other through the daily chat industry, after knowing the next step is to establish a trust relationship, through the way of private partnerships, further collection of other QQ email address, this way is the most popular the most effective way to collect, there is a way through the Baidu know so, Soso Ask the relevant inquiry platform, general platform for these links is very sensitive, but for QQ is not very strict, we have to ask questions, such as system integration mainly includes what services? And similar answer left their QQ to each other and their relationship, as long as the other interest is certainly no doubt and we are engaged in the industry to a certain extent is the same, as long as the other and you chat with each other information certainly you will be late to grasp, as long as the proper maintenance can establish a trust relationship.

second, the crowd orientation, promotion can continue. We know that regardless of whether the company with any kind of marketing, the purpose is the same is nothing more than the sales of their products, promote corporate image shaping the corporate value and so on, and email marketing itself is very low cost, has the advantage of sustainable operation, just as our customer maintenance provides a powerful thrust. However, email marketing low marketing costs is a lot of SEO and Baidu bidding can replace, as long as their own efforts with mining industry information database, straightforward to say is that sorting and mining early e-mail messages, with powerful data as the basis, electronic mail marketing also can achieve precision marketing effect, for example: we assume at present in a computer information system integration of the QQ group, many online all members must be the company’s procurement, sales manager, such as we communicate through you.