Zhong Zhixin creativity is a very important factor in network marketing

whether it is online marketing or offline marketing, creativity is very important, only a good idea, to be able to attract the attention of users. If there is no creativity, even if your product is good, you have to write the article, product prices are low, customer service service is also very thoughtful, if users don’t see you, attention is not on your side, it did not produce any effect on marketing. Therefore, the most important thing to do network marketing is to attract attention, to attract the attention of users and attention.

in our lives, whether it is television or online media, advertising information everywhere, are the same promotional language, the same advertising. If you want to attract the attention of the user, then you will not be the same as others, and others are not the same as the electronic, in order to attract the attention of more users. The idea is to find a specific problem, and then solve the problem in an unlikely way. In network marketing, if you just copy the routine method and others, this effect is certainly some, but because there are a lot of people do, you do, you think how much effect? So, we should take methods and routines to be useful to his own ideas, open up new ideas. There will be unexpected results. If you want to know what, please pay attention to Zhong Zhixin’s blog.

with post it, as we all know, the most important posts can be said to be the title, as long as your title, will attract so many people to click on, so there are a lot of the title of the party, we occasionally the title of the party is good. There is an example that we all know, I would simply say, is a person with a Korean video, but the title was not what, like what is called a South Korean video, click the drop rate is very similar; a video published by another person, is the title changed like, South Korea banned the video like, do not remember the specific, the click rate of flower. It is not difficult to see, a good title, in order to attract the attention of users, also illustrates the importance of creativity. If your content is good, no one, what is the use? We are so concerned about the SEO, we know that an example is a person with a set of search engine keywords his girlfriend often search, which content is proposed, which makes her girlfriend very touched, then he married this story, what is the specific I really do not know, only know that there is such a thing, if you are interested can check the relevant information, this is not to say.

there are many creative examples like this, as long as you pay close attention to the things around you, you will find. If you ask me what kind of creativity, I really do not know, because this does not seem to be taught on the books, this can only rely on their usual training. I think the idea to open thinking and thinking, when think of a variety of ways, some things do not have to walk forward, then I will go the opposite? Not too brain dead, sometimes summed up the correct theory of predecessors. "