Case analysis of machinery enterprises how to take the largest single station

do network marketing and promotion of friends may be on hand, but the documentary, especially some large engineering, how to import these flows, negotiation, documentary and then to deal with customer service service and so on are strange. This article on how the author with a more than 10 years of traditional business owners, to overcome the experience of a single project.

, a website practicing internal strength is the base of


car car company operated lock is actually OEM OEM brand, compared with the manufacturers, we have no price, channel and brand advantages. The majority of large customers do not want to sign contracts with e-commerce companies, but directly with the manufacturers signed. Therefore, we should try to do the site of the lock in the field of professional, and secondly, try to enhance the credibility of the company.

1, specializing in the production of

products of 1

although the company also has a deceleration belt, road gate and other traffic safety facilities products, but the author of this master station cart lock. Other parking facilities are placed on one channel page to promote cross selling.

professional is not only reflected in only 1 products, but the depth of excavation. Such as mechanical products in addition to product specifications, parameters, the use of the environment, as well as installation, technical support, etc.. When you have a website covering the product from the production to the whole process of after-sales service, the site will greatly enhance the professional level.

2, improve website integrity


website in addition to improving professional givers, honesty is a big customer choice and an important factor in your sign. Enterprises to improve the integrity of the station, the general can be written to improve the company’s introduction, contact information, product certificate of honor, followed by engineering cases. I believe that the real and reliable engineering case the most convincing.

3, website traffic

whether you do SEO, PPC or other, as long as the introduction of accurate traffic can be. In accordance with the author’s experience, similar to the XX manufacturers, XX quotes, regional + product and so on traffic, the number of potential customers to be more. And some questions, small questions and answers, such as parking lock how much money, and so on, are generally like bargaining individual sellers. So in the drainage, promotion personnel to focus on.

two, customer service skills

site has a full-time customer service, the author of the company is a small customer, customer service to follow up, and large customers are generally the company manager to follow up. This article discusses some of the key techniques to follow up the big customer.

1, good customer attributes

website inquiries, the majority of customers will ask the price, I believe that in the absence of clear customer attributes, do not bid prices. If the customer is a private client, the company customer, the agency customer, or the intermediary, the big customer the following staff, etc..

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