Pay attention to these seven problems website promotion can be twice the result with half the effort

Objective: for any website, to determine its value in addition to create sales performance, is the site of the traffic and visibility, which relates to a core problem, promotion, is the website that, should pay attention to those problems in the website promotion process can avoid detours, take what form the best effect?

note 1: there must be a clear plan. Many people think that this is not a problem, website promotion is hair hair blog, forums, such as group, is a false understanding to the first step of website promotion must have a purpose, know what to achieve, and what needs to be done in order to achieve the purpose, but also in each process that may also need complementary conditions to cooperate, and make clear is the plan is the first step.

note two: do not wait for the site on the line to consider the issue of promotion. This is a misunderstanding of a few people, that is the promotion of things on the line, there is no relationship with the line. In fact, a lot of work before the line can be carried out, including soft accumulation, early blog accumulation, some early accumulation of resources, including search engine optimization must be completed in the front of the line, including as far as possible in the web site before the online prepared content. Like Dr. Lee Wang Lifen’s innovation, quality rice network are preliminary work carried out very good example, of course,, and so.

note three: the promotion of the website but everyone’s form is not the same, not only is a channel, and the type of site is, some owners always ask what type of website uses what form of promotion, in fact are the same, but in the implementation process have no implementation in place, there is no deviation.

note four: different methods need to be adopted at different stages. Should be based on the development of different sites in different ways to promote the site. What should be used as early, mid late should use what way, what time, publicity and promotion of the brand more effect that these have to be considered, not a constant for each stage and Chen, taken are not the same, the effect is not the same.

note five: part of the network marketing network marketing. Network marketing is not just a website promotion, but also includes activities, advertising, cooperation, and so on, a three-dimensional, rather than flat.

note six: site stability, but also to promote the site. Some people, after the website development to a certain extent, there is a need to break the bottleneck, it is difficult to this process, a lot of people down here, stop the promotion work, to go to the so-called business model, finally, the website easily drained.

note seven: website promotion should pay attention to the analysis of data, the effect of tracking and control. In the process of website promotion, the flow is not the only data, and the number of the original traffic, now >