Analysis of attention brokerage network on originality of website creative runiang

Milk quality problems of

caused by Sanlu milk powder frightened lactation parents, but also gave birth to a new creative runiang brokerage network".

we all know that the website is the foundation and core of website development and operation. So how to choose the website? I will borrow this creative runiang brokerage network and analysis.

a, creative needs analysis

market in the end how to nurse? Some people say yes, some people say no, in fact, not on the line and not feeling, rely on the market research and analysis, we see the title of this article "Shenzhen" nanny ", a monthly salary of 10 thousand and 2?" the article said, even if the price is still the need for more than. I also think that for some special groups such as Senior occupation female infant mother milk, lack of female choice is better than runiang undoubtedly choose milk powder. That is to say the market is the objective demand of the customers. But is the scale and economic benefits of the market worth investing in?.

two, creative market size and economic efficiency evaluation

what kind of mother need to hire a nurse? The first is the lack of milk, which is a part of lactating mothers, we will include up to 50%. Second is a very good economic conditions. We include 10%! Third is thought and life can accept to hire a nurse, and then the 50%. The fourth is to overcome the time, region, character, health and other factors will eventually find the right nurse, then the 50%, multiplied by four and ultimately hired a nurse family accounted for 1.25% of the total lactation mother. With a million population of the city as an example, the annual breastfeeding, if ten thousand people, a nurse can realize the market capacity of up to 125 people, a business commission of 100 yuan, 12 thousand and 500 in revenue, business commission 200 yuan, 25 thousand in revenue. A commission of 1000 yuan to achieve revenue of $125 thousand, the Commission in the end how much to get, how much proportion of the cost of development, interested friends need to practice their own calculations.

three, creative risk assessment

may have friends to see the size of the market and benefit evaluation of what I made to achieve annual income of 100 thousand yuan or so, very excited, think Ben Xiaoli is worth doing. Here I would like to remind you that the above value is only an ideal goal, the project assessment should not forget the risk assessment. Do runiang broker what risk? Let’s see. First time risk. A nurse is different from the other two market supply and demand, that time is completely consistent that is not possible. Second regional risk, completely based on a city to achieve the supply and demand of the two markets are completely consistent that is impossible. Third health risk, hepatitis B, AIDS and other diseases are easily spread through breastfeeding. The health concerns will also reduce a part of the market demand. The fourth is the risk of the cultural differences, the two sides can recognize each other, can live in harmony is also the risk of runiang market potential. The fifth is the risk of security and law, will give the child to nurse, a through >