Look at the street forum is how to make a monthly profit

whether it is in real life, or in the network, the people who do formal projects generally income slightly. A lot of people, although not illegal, but do some gray projects but can easily monthly income of million yuan. Today, Shao Lianhu blog to share with you a gray way to make money.


a lot of friends may not know what is the meaning of street shot, then, I also give you all the men to popularize the knowledge.

Baidu Encyclopedia: Street is a culture originated from the western countries, the earliest is derived from the fashion magazine needs to use the camera to capture the fashion elements of the street, but also to transfer information from the popular folk, so the so-called "street show" came into being. Today, the street shoot activity is gradually becoming a new street culture activities of young people.

Shao Lianhu understand: street shot, as the name suggests, is to take pictures in the street we can call street. Generally in the street we take a cell phone or tablet, camera, etc..

description, said the street shot forum generally refers to the men look at the site. Because the man lewd, street shooting forum are also some sexy beauty photos, some of the exposed, exposed meat and other pictures. However, there are a lot of street shoot video with the forum, the more rich.

well, here we see the street take some pictures on the forum, as follows:


look at the picture above, is not very attractive, it is not a kind of impulsive feeling? Street shooting forum has a variety of beautiful pictures and videos, a lot of very sexy, seductive. Many are free to see, you are free to look at, however, there are some members of the VIP can see, meaning that the charges, as follows:


see it, free of charge can only look at the general, if you want to see more exciting must pay to see. This is what we all know, even I am no exception. Now the Internet has been unable to find Indoorsman blockbusters, loneliness only to find these pictures and video.

VIP is a member of the price to three hundred yuan, expensive? For it is not what nouveau riche, for men without money, lust is not rejected, who are willing to spend. So, one day there are five people to join the VIP members can earn $five hundred a month easily earn $15000. Moreover, the most important thing is that male users are very good. I remember a few years ago, I have seen this forum, the development of many years, earned a lot of money.

I believe a lot of friends to see this article is not to see beauty, are trying to make money. All right, let’s get into today’s topic. How do we make money with street shots?.

1, you can create a street shoot forum from