A directory of three large Chinese talent website navigation simple strategy

Greater China talent site navigation promotion plan of Chinese talent – Guinness web site as a three directory (http://s.job110.cn/All/foot/link.aspx), is three times the difficulty level of the domain name, but also not easy to remember, search difficulty is large, so the main from the structure, content, and publicity. The talent site navigation promotion case: now the talent website will be more and more job seekers do not know what is the integrity of the talent website, browse a large amount of registration department to lower the number of sites and some are relatively empty, many job sites not one day, several companies registered, but job seekers through the network this search website is registered, want to give yourself more employment opportunities, this is a great waste of time and general personnel website registered at least 2 minutes, the longest to half an hour, the resume is of no use. Which companies registered these sites is to promote their own, but will not go to the website to view the resume.

this site included program:

1: this site contains a large national talent website (well-known talent network)

2: this website contains industry good talent network (website is leading the industry in


3: this site contains the local government talent network (the government’s talent network, a large amount of information, high reliability)

4: this site contains the local talent market (job seekers to understand the talent market recruitment, and more recruitment information)

5: this site is included in the place to do a long time talent network (he will be registered in many local companies, the initiative to enter his domain name)

6: this site contains a local well-known talent network (these job seekers, and companies like to register such sites, their service is also more than


more thoughtful)

above is included in the site security case: at the same time, in order to promote the first step in the

website navigation design structure, I will continue to improve and update.

first: I took the frame (mostly good-looking)

The main purpose of

is to attract job seekers

second: I took a classified structure (mainly for job seekers)

third: I took the annotation (government, talent market, etc.)

The main purpose of

is: there are too many talent websites, messy and diverse, the job seekers can not see what is the nature of the site

fourth: I used: URL collection this tip

The main purpose of

is to get a job seeker to put him on his computer on my website

fifth: I used: collection to QQ bookmarks

The main purpose of

is: because