Liu Qiangdong Jingdong can benefit from 0 to 1 have to think about these three things

last week when Mr Hui left the article, the reader with shots referred to Mr. Liu Qiangdong and Mr. Zuo Hui have some values like, just put in to see the history of the Jingdong, said the moment to do a period, and there was this manuscript.

through the story of Mr. Liu Qiangdong, voted found that a lot of truth seems trivial, but in a longer cycle, allowing enterprises to open the gap is often the place where this. Of course, no matter how good the idea is only CEO a person’s guidelines also useless, with the implementation of the final implementation of the rules of the enterprise culture.

saw the other way, it does not prevent you or pit, but can you fall in the moment, to wake you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Two things


talk about entrepreneurship, the key words: as long as you can really solve a problem, then your project will be successful. In this regard, I would like to talk about two things happened in the history of Jingdong.

in 1998, I took 12000 dollars saved in Zhongguancun rented a counter of a square meter of four. At that time, almost all businesses do business in Zhongguancun is a model, the boss of the staff training are: a laptop twenty-five thousand, how do you use to sell out of the thirty-five thousand. The Zhongguancun has ten "trick" to teach you how to cheat customers. I think this is doomed to be wrong, and one day the situation will change. This is the problem, who can solve this problem, who can succeed, very simple.

from the first day of the counter so open, I am the only price tag, all products are invoiced businesses. Do not accept the bargain, sell only authentic licensed. So for six years, from a small counter, to 2003, I have a total of 12 stores, of which the 3 in Beijing, and each store turnover is very good.


first happened in 2003 of SARS, I had all the stores are turned off, all personnel in the office every day, very anxious, because we all rent, overhead every day, and not the goods sales, the store also afraid to open the door.

we have colleagues have proposed, said why don’t we go to do online sales? We went to the Sohu, Sina, 163 kinds of website posting, the message quickly by the administrator, occasionally not deleted and no one order, because nobody believed. Remember that we said in the BBS: I have a burning machine, how much money, the following is the remittance account, if you want to buy the money to come here first…… At that time too young too naive.

later, we started posting in a professional evaluation forum. The forum moderator saw, not only reply, we also put the top posts, said: Jingdong multimedia, I know, this is the only one in Zhongguancun do not sell fake CD manufacturers. As a result, we received 10 orders.